Example of Free Baby Clothes Lots

In a recent post about finding cheap baby clothes online (or rather, letting the bargains find you!), it showed how to keep an eye on various websites for new bargains, without having to spend lots of time online. Basically, you tell your browser or news reader what you’re interested in, and it will tell you at a glance what’s new.

Here’s an example using Google Alerts:

  1. Go to Google Alerts
  2. If you already have a Google account (e.g. Gmail), then you can log in with that. Otherwise, just register.
  3. You’re presented with a few options to set up an alert. For Search Term, enter something like “Free baby clothes lots”.
  4. Skip down to “Deliver To”, and change it to “Feed”.
  5. Press the Create Alert button, and you’re nearly done!

You can now view your list of search terms. Yes, you can add as many alerts as you like, and not just for cheap baby clothes either. Click on the ‘Feed’ link on the same line as your search term to see what Google has found for you. At first, the list might be empty, but that’s ok. Come back in a few minutes and try again.

Normally I use this technique to keep an eye on upcoming sales in my area, or interesting items on Craigslist. For fun, I decided to use it to find free baby clothes instead of just cheap ones. And what a surprise, it wasn’t long before Google went and found something for me:


I knew about FreeCycle.org, but I didn’t realize that NYC had its own local alternative. Very cool!

This technique is addictive, and you might want to use something like Google Reader to manage all your feeds, as it works very well with Alerts. Soon you’ll be keeping an eye on the housing market, finding perfect gifts, and finding the best local grocery bargains… and all because you just wanted to be thrifty with baby clothes!


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